Two months in a place that apparently is home. And I’m saying goodbye again.

I feel and I see everything that surrounds me. I’m in front of my house, my dad garden’s full of tomatoes, melons, watermelons and many other vegetables which dimly glow under the light of the moon. His hunting dogs bark and I see the school that brought me to the second grade of Primary School when I started going to school in town given the lack of a higher education in the village. I stare at all these things from the balcony the house in front of mine has. The tenant passed away when I was a kid. And I sense it again. These views, the sound of the dogs barking, the wind blowing at my face in this balcony from where I can see the fields of my childhood.



Una gran multitud me rodea. En realidad, todos nos rodeamos a todos. Somos alumnos del UWC y esperamos nuestros vuelos a diferentes partes del mundo en el mismo aeropuerto. Por casualidades de la vida, muchos salimos aproximadamente a la misma hora y eso nos permite disfrutar los unos de los otros un poco más. Veinte caras me rodean. (más…)

Mostar, my people

Early December 2014

On Winter Gala night, the stage deceived me and I couldn’t express myself at all. I’m always bombing FB, even before coming here some already made fun of my countdowns over Facebook during the summer but the thing is that the moment came.


Mostar es testigo

November 2014

For I love this fucking city. For Mostar is accomplice of everything that made me grow up, as she know of my mistakes, of those things I said and I shouldn’t have said, of those things I did and I shouldn’t have done. For it’s me again: the self I was before, the one that doesn’t fear not being accepted. ‘Cause giving a step back is a cowards thing to do and I am not a coward, you know. ‘Cause I keep on walking all ahead and the path, we all know, we make it as we walk. (más…)